Author: xXSilentYoshiXx

Bio about Plugin: I haved worked very hard, so please do not copy my work and take it for yourself!

Description / FeaturesEdit

Desc: Super Craft Bros: Brawl contains of characters and maps from Minecraft mixed with a little of Super Smash Bros: Brawl!


- /scbb join - Joins the game.

- /scbb leave - Leaves the game.

- /scbb choose [character] - Chooses a character when you're in the game.

- /scbb force [start|end] - Force starts / ends the game.

- /scbb [del|add] [map|warp] [mapname|warpname] - Sets the map / warpname at your position.

- You can choose from 5 characters:

- Skeleton, Wither, Zombie, Steve, and Creeper

- You can join / leave only 1 game.

- Admin Commands

- Permissions

- Config